Radiopaq's custom-tuned earphones, which are built specially to accentuate the dynamics of different music genres, are now available in a version with iPhone compatibility.

What that basically means is that the earphones now come with an multi-directional inline microphone and remote control, which lets you answer calls and control music playback with a few clicks. There shouldn't be any feedback on it, as it's got a shielded cable.

Prash Vadgama, Radiopaq President, told Pocket-lint: "The Apple iPhone is reaching new levels of popularity following the launch of the new 3G S version, yet users aren't getting the best out of the devices audio capabilities by using the standard earphones. The Radiopaq Custom Tuned earphones will allow iPhone users to experience music in a way they've never heard before".

Radiopaq tells us that the iPhone variants of the custom tuned earlphones cost £50, though they're currently listed on Amazon for £70. We'll try and find out which is the real price and let you know.