While Apple fanboys are getting excited over yet another iTablet/iPad supposed leak, others are turning their focus to an almost dead cert; a new iPod touch complete with digital camera.

The latest supposed leak includes a gallery of images posted on Flickr and a video to prove it of an iPod touch complete with camera on the back top and centre.

The shots, which could just be the work of an over eager fan boy with a drill do look legitimate, but we can't help feel that if Apple were going to put a camera on the back, and we suspect they will, why they haven't married it up in the same place as the iPhone camera location?

Apple is expected to announce a new iPod touch along with other music related announcements at their annual, yet to be confirmed, September product launch.

Current speculation suggests the announcement will come a week before the launch of Microsoft's latest Zune MP3 player in the US. It that is correct, it would put an announcement sometime during the week commencing the 7 September.

The company has yet to officially set a date.

We will keep you posted.