It seems those September refresh rumours for new iPods, and in particular a new iPod touch, are only going to grow over the summer.

The latest "evidence" that Apple is preparing the arguably inevitable-at-some-point new models is from online logs.

PinchMedia, an analytics company, reports that it has started to see more devices with the "iPod 3,1" version number via App Store applications.

The current iPod touch has a model number of 2,1, so this would suggest Apple is testing the next-gen device, and its app-compatibility.

The firm says a 3,1 device was first picked up in late April, but instances have increased recently:

"As of this date, a few dozen distinct "iPod 3,1" devices have run around two dozen different applications using Pinch Analytics".

The new touch is also rumoured to be due to get a camera module.