Radiopaq, the internet radio website, has announced it is moving further into the realms of hardware launches with the news that it will be offering two new devices that promise to enhance your current music collection on the go.

Designed for those worried that their MP3 player or iPod nano aren't up to scratch when it comes to playing their favourite tracks Radiopaq has created the Sound Mix and the Sound Jacket.

The Sound Jacket has been designed specifically for iPod nano 4G users and sees the Apple MP3 player slide into a "Jacket" packed with a series of chips to improve and enhance the audio quality regardless of what the source file is like.

With no batteries required it will drain on the iPods battery life with Radiopaq saying it's likely to command half your juice - so 10 hours rather than 20 from a single charge.

Hoping to combat this problem the Sound Jacket will come with a built in dock connector that allows you to charge your iPod while experiencing that enhanced noise.

For those without an iPod nano 4G, and that's probably quite a lot of you, Radiopaq is launching the Sound Mix, a device which features similar technology but in a headphone friendly version rather than one that's just for iPods.

The idea say the company is to allow the device to use Intelligent Audio technology to boost the detail and richness of your MP3 tracks.

Both devices are expected out sometime in June for £79 and could be just the answer for any readers with those nasty 64Kbps files recorded in your music collection.

While the devices do exist, Radiopaq is so far reluctant to provide us with pictures until the designs have been finalised.