Following an American lawsuit dating back to 2005, US owners of Apple's first gen iPod nano could be entitled to compensation of up to $25.

The mark one iPod nano suffered from an easily scratched front surface, something Apple tried to address by bundling a soft cover in retail boxes of later models.

However this move was not enough, the courts have ruled, and in a $22.5 million settlement, have said that purchasers of the device should be entitled to a $25 payout.

Those who bought the nano when it was shipping complete with a cover should get $15, while the lawyers get $4.5 million.

A court-ordered website has been set up with more information and a claim form, along with the following note:

"To be entitled to a payment under the settlement, qualified purchasers must have experienced scratching of the iPod nano that impaired their use or enjoyment of their iPod nano".