In a slight change of focus, Apple is angling the iPod touch as a games device, suggesting the portable player is a rival to the PSP and the Nintendo DS.

With a new TV ad that pitches the gaming features of the gadget, Apple has told MCV that the new campaign encourages consumers to buy iPod purely "to play our games".

Greg Joswiak, head of iPod and iPhone marketing said: "It's not just the screens that are superior to DS – it’s the graphics capability, the computing power and the App Store distribution model".

"I had an analyst tell me in September – and he was right – that the DS is the past of gaming devices, and iPod Touch is the future of gaming devices. It certainly has our competitors scrambling in what they’re going to do in reaction to this. This product is capable of so much more, and there’s a tremendous synergy we have with the iPod Touch and game developers."

iPod touch and iPhone users can download 1500 games via Apple's App Store, with Apple apparently trying to persuade traditional publishers to add more games over the next year.