If you like the idea of a jukebox in your pool room, but also love your technology, the digital IntelliTunes may be the new toy for you.

It'll set you back $3995 but for that you get tunes and tech.

It has two LCD screens and wall-mount chassis so you and your mates can pick tunes easily from the screen using the Windows XP interface.

The top screen shows the artist and track information as the song starts, but also can show a 3D light show that "morphs" to the beat of the music.

The bottom touchscreen display is where you control the system and can choose from the over 50,000 songs or 5000 full albums that you can store on the jukebox's 320GB hard drive (you can upgrade to an even bigger hard drive if necessary).

It even comes with a mini wireless remote, which allows you to change the LED lighting speed, pattern and colour on the top screen from over 50 feet away.

You can also get tunes off the web using the wireless internet functionality or stream internet radio stations.

And there is also a DVD drive and iPod and MP3 support in what looks like a fairly compact wall-mount unit (although it could be a very big room the manufacturer has showed it in).

All you have to do is mount it, plug it into your speaker system and then away you go.