Greenpeace has stated that it has "applauded" Steve Jobs' announcement that Apple's latest models of iPods will now be free of both PVC and BFRs, along with an absence of mercury and the use of arsenic-free glass.

"Greenpeace congratulates Apple for phasing out harmful chemicals like PVC and BFRs in its new, much greener iPods. But we know that Jobs and his team can go even further, and truly take a lead in greening the electronics industry", said Casey Harrell, Greenpeace international campaigner.

"We hope that this is only a teaser of what is to come, and that we will see more of the same with all future product announcements, from iPhones to Macs."

Harrell also said that the company will continue to watch Apple's launches with interest:

"What we'd really like for Christmas is to see Apple remove toxic chemicals from all its products, and announce a free, global recycling scheme. Now, that would make a very tasty green Apple indeed!"