Apple has announced a new version of the iPod touch at its "Let's Rock" event in California.

The new model with a polished, stainless steel back, will sport the same 3.5-inch touchscreen display, however has been slimmed down.

The new model, apparently following customer feedback, will now feature a speaker and volume controls on the side.

Like the new nanos it will have the newly announced Genius software included to allow you to create Genius playlists on the fly.

Additionally Apple has said that the iPod will also get the Nike+ iPod software for sports fans keen to loose a few pounds.

The Nike+ transmitter will be built-in as standard, just leaving users to fit the other transmitter to their choice of trainers.

Apple say the iPod touch will last up to 36 hours on one charge, however didn't say how much this would be affected with Wi-Fi and the speaker running.

The new model will come with version 2.1 with a free upgrade for those who have downloaded version 2.0.

The new model will cost 8GB for $229, a 16GB for $299 and finally a new 32GB for $399 from today.

UK pricing for the new touch comes in at £169 for the 8GB model, £219 for the 16GB-er and £279 for the 32GB offering.