Apple has confirmed what most of the Internet has been talking about for the last week - the launch of new iPods at its "Let's Rock" event in California.

Steve Jobs revealed that 160 million iPods have been sold to date as he launched the latest incarnation of the digital music player that boasts a near 75% market share, according to Apple.

The iPod classic has received a memory revamp - previously offered in 80GB and 160GB sizes - it's now being offered as just a 120GB model for $249, or £179 in the UK.

The new - and much rumoured - iPod nano was described as Jobs as the "thinnest iPod we've ever made" and matches up to the longer, skinnier leaked descriptions that appeared online recently.

With a curved glass screen and complete with accelerometer, the new nano gets a revamped interface and will offer a "shake to shuffle" function to skip tracks and will sense landscape viewing for vids, pics album art and the like.

With a 2-inch LCD screen, the new model claims 24 hours of playback for music and four hours for video.

Helping Apple's eco credentials, Jobs stated that the new nanos are recyclable and greener than previous versions: "They are the cleanest iPods we've ever built".

Due to be available in eight bright "nano-chromatic" colours, the price for the 8GB model is $149 with the 16GB model priced at $199. UK pricing is £109 and £149.