Apple is to announce a new form factor for its iPod nano MP3 player in September just a year after it changed the form to the current design, according to Kevin Rose, the founder of

The claims suggest that the current design, which has been available for less than a year haven't, if rumours are to be true, been well received.

"Sometime between now and end next month, Apple is going to be refreshing quiet a bit of their iPod line", said Rose.

According to the founder of the social networking news site, the Apple iPod line will have a complete revamp with the touch and nano models seeing a "significant redesign" and getting a large price drop to "distance itself from the $199 iPhone".

Providing support of his claim with an image, the new nano will shed its fatter, stubbier look for a longer design, thanks to a bigger widescreen ratio screen that will have a curved front. It will however still feature a click wheel rather than going full touchscreen as some rumours in the past have suggested.

If that wasn't enough Rose, also claims to have inside knowledge that the iPod touch will be getting a new 2.1 software update (with the iPhone to follow) and that iTunes will get another update, this time to 8.0, to coincide with the new line of products.

When is all this likely to happen? Supposedly in the next 2 or 3 weeks.

Last year Apple held an event in September to launch a "fatter, stubbier" iPod nano, and the iPod touch.