Meridian has unveiled the new i80 with Universal Dock for iPod, engineered and built at the company's UK headquarters, that's designed for use with the F80.

Meridian says the i80 offers the "very finest" solution for listening to, and sharing your, digital music collection, whatever iPod you may own.

The i80 claims to connects to the F80 simply, allowing immediate and complete control of the music library stored on the iPod through the F80 remote control or its front panel buttons.

Track info is relayed via the F80's OLED display and the i80 also charges your iPod so you get continuous play with no need for extra power cables.

The dock is available in standard gloss black, but has clip-on red or yellow trims so it matches your particular F80 model in true "mini-me" style. It's available in the next few days for £195.