EuroTech has launched a new iPod docking station, the movieCENTER.

The device is claimed to incorporate "powerful processing technology that transforms iPod movies and music into a more realistic and immersive experience".

This essentially means that you can connect your iPod to the dock and then get your iPod content through your stereo or TV.

Features include TruBass processing for subwoofer like performance from ordinary stereo or TV speakers; the Dialog Clarity tool that creates a virtual center speaker "that lets you hear even the quietest whisper in crystal clear detail no matter how much background action there is"; and also a tool to process surround sound.

The movieCENTER comprises a compact black dock and remote control, a shielded audio cable with gold-plated connectors, component and composite video outputs and a USB input.

The Xitel movieCENTER is available in the UK now for £59.99.