For just $99, you can now buy a little device that will let iPod owners connect up their dinky devices and share their tunes.

miShare essentially allows iPodders to send a song from one iPod to another.

It is a dongle with two dock connectors: you simply connect the iPods to the donor and receiver ports, select the song you want to transfer on the donor iPod, push a button and it sends the song to the other iPod. Dead easy really.

And you can even swap DRM-encrypted files, which will simply sit on your iPod's disk area, but can then be unlocked using your iTunes password when you later hook your iPod up to your computer.

But there are grumbles about the transfer rates - the miShare transfers tunes at about 500Kbps, which basically equates to a few tracks in a minute.

Obviously not ideal if you want to switch hundreds of songs, but great if you just want to pass on a cracking tune.