Apple has admitted that some new iPod touch screens are faulty.

Confirming rumours that iPod touch screens do not display deep blacks properly, Apple has stated that some of the units shipped early do indeed have "defective screens".

Other complaints from users getting hold of the iPod touch units - not widely available until 28th September - is that video playback is darker than on the iPhone and detail is poor.

The Wall Street Journal reveals that Apple has said the problem has affected "a small number of units and is being remedied".

Other problems with the iPod touch that have been reported since the new flagship model was launched include the device "thinking" it's an iPhone - "iPhone is disabled" messages appeared on some user's touch screen when it was locked.

Reported problems with the new nano include "tilted" screens, and even the classic has come in for criticism with some claiming the sound has changed for the worse due to new audio codec chips.