9to5Mac.com, the same Apple rumour site that brought us those new iPod nano colour schemes and supposed pic, has leaked info on Apple's new "flagship" full-fat iPod Touch.

If the site is to be believed - and Apple's legal team have made them take down that new iPod nano pic already - so make of that what you will - it appears to a "phoneless" iPhone.

The site claims they had a spy picture to post, but "learned their lesson" following the contact from Apple HQ. They state that the new device will be called the "iPod Touch".

They claim is will have the same form factor as the iPhone but with some exceptions - the outside rim will be black, and not silver and will be slightly thicker.

The screen will have the same 480 x 320 resolution as the iPhone, it will run OS X, it will boast a single button home navigation and it will use Apple's lovely-looking Coverflow feature.

No timescale was given, apart from a "maybe" for the forthcoming Paris Expo event. It sounds plausible enough, but as always we would advise caution and a healthy dose of skepticism...