In the most recent reader poll, we asked you if you fancied the idea of an iPod with a touchscreen.

Well, it seems that you do. 69% of you said "Yes, please and make it snappy" while 31% of the Pocket-lint readership is quite happy with the iPod as it is, thank



iPods with touchscreens have been a mainstay of the Apple rumour mill for over a year now, but have still not materialised.

Obviously the iPhone's emergence as a touchscreen device means that Apple has the technology to make such a device, but aside from rumour and speculation, nothing has been forthcoming.

Various theories have been suggested for why we have not yet seen a touchscreen iPod since the time that the concept was first touted.

One theory is that Apple wanted to debut this technology with the iPhone, which was, although perhaps hard to believe considering the successful launch of the phone, an uncertain venture for them.

iPods will always sell, but it was thought that giving the iPhone a touch interface gave the device that little bit more sex appeal.

The other reason is that Apple's scrollwheel design has been such a massive success, from both a design and a usability point of view.

Emulated hundreds of times by wannabes trying to hustle in on Apple's market, this clickwheel and the associated UI is well-loved by consumers. If it ain't broke and all that.

We're sorry to say that we don't have any physic insight into Apple's future plans - the company is infamously secretive about future products. There is an Apple launch due on August 7th - but apparently Mac-related only.

However, we will keep our fingers crossed along with that 69% of you dreaming of a day we can flick through Cover Flow on an iPod with just our fingertips...