The new iPod rumours are going stratospheric with 9to5Mac reporting that the whisperings of a shorter, fatter iPod (of which similar reports came via ThinkSecret - link below) is actually the new nano.

This leaves room for that looong rumoured touchscreen iPod to be launched at the top of the range.

So, if you chose to buy into these new rumours, this is what you can look forward to...

The new nano is going to be two inches square with a scroll wheel, will have video-playing capability but still come in the 4 and 8GB varieties.

It will be offered in a fresh range of colours, different to the current nano's selection. Pricing to remain the same.

The new full-size iPod is to be a "phoneless iPhone" so will boast that big glossy touchscreen, and, according to Asian sources, is already in boxes heading to the States.

The rumour report hints that this new high-end model will be named the iPod Touch ("HTC is gonna be bitter").

9to5Mac is insisting that these new iPods will see light of day on 7th August, which is a puzzle, seeing as this has been confirmed as the date Apple will unveil new Macs - and unusually for them, they've said it is a Mac-only announcement making it clear no iPod or iPhone revelations should be expected.