ThinkSecret has expanded on those new iPod coming soon rumours with some additional details.

Still suggesting that early August launch date, contrary to reports from other sources (including the company apparently manufacturing the parts) the new iPod is


going to have a touchscreen and will retain the click-wheel design.

In fact, ThinkSecret's previous shorter, fatter rumour is reiterated. Apple engineers deep in the Cupertino labs (we like to think of them as oompa-loompa-like but maybe all-white) have shaved an inch off the height of the player and give it proportions that resemble - ta da - a BlackBerry!

This sixth gen iPod will sport a revamped OS, but it will not run Mac OS X as other rumours have suggested, based on statements from Jobs himself.

Sources also state that the new primarily black (we suppose to match the iPhone) iPod will not have the same glossy finish as previous models but a MacBook-like finish.

But, the rumours do go to to say that this iPod has been spotted in other colours too - suggesting that Apple is planning to extend their colour-options beyond the cheaper-end of the range.

Well, Jobs-only-knows if these new rumours are true...