Melodeo has announced plans to develop a service that allows you to listen to the songs you have saved into your iTune's playlists on your mobile phone.

It's all just in test stages at the moment, so much so that how Melodeo will charge for the service, and subsequently make profit, is all to be confirmed.

Possibilities are either a monthly subscription, paying for the software required, a small fee per song played, embedded radio-style adverts, or even a combination of these plans.

Finalised plans, complete with details of a wireless partner company, is expected in around three months.

Melodeo currently delivers audio clips through AT&T and Alltel in the States.

When developed the service could also let you listen to your iTunes on another computer than the one your files are saved to, and the service could be extended to work with other music library software.

Well, that's one less reason we need an iPhone…