The Mondo Mint Digital Music Station will hit stores in the US in June and we think it looks rather interesting.

Sort of across between the Sonos and the iPod Hi-Fi (disclaimer: there are other music streaming devices and iPod speakers available), the Mondo Mint station is made up of a standard iPod speaker dock (so far - so yawn) but also a wireless speaker dock that lets you remotely stream your tunes from an iPod up to 100 feet away as well as control the volume and manage playlists. Hmmmm.

Offering a bit more oomph than your bog standard iPod speaker set up the Mondo Mint gives you a seperate "Class-D" digital mini amplifier that powers 70 watts to the two, two-way wooden speakers and boasts one-inch neodymium tweeters and four-inch aluminum cone woofers.

PurePath Digital technology from Texas Instruments and Mondo's exclusive Di-Fi technology should take care of sound quality while line-in connections for use with a PC, Mac, MP3 player, CD player, etc, takes care of non-Apple compatability.

We've been in touch with the Sales and Marketing folk at Mondo and they say that they do "plan to launch later this year in Europe and Britain. We are in discussions with a
major retailer in the UK but do not expect distribution immediately."

So there you have it - in the meantime you can check out the website, link below.