The Apple rumour-mill has gone into overdrive again with the news that Apple has filed a patent design for an iPod-type device that has the main controls on the back.

The patent was filed back in January, but has been published recently leaving all and sundry to speculate about the next innovation that could come from the iPod-making giant.

According to the diagrams and text filed by Apple, the front of the futuristic device is taken up with the screen while the click-wheel and touch sensitive controls are on the back of the product.

It sounds bonkers initially but if you think how we typically hold devices like iPods and mobile phones, with just your thumb to the front and the rest of your fingers resting on the back it could in fact make perfect sense.

Have the controls to the rear of the device would also free up the front to be completely taken up with a large screen that would therefore remain blissfully finger print free. And it will certainly give your over-worked thumbs a rest…