Apple is being sued yet again, this time for possible patent infringement on technology used in the iPod click wheel.

Southampton-based touch sensor chip company Quantum Research Group says that the charge-transfer technology used in the click wheels infringe on technology from the Cypress PsoC chip.

Although the companies have been in discussion, Quantum CEO Hal Philipp said that they think it will go to trial later this year.

“I am hoping iPhone does not contain Quantum-patented charge-transfer technology”, said Philipp.

The iPhone looks to be a boon for Quantum, as interest in touchscreen technology has rocketed. “Within hours of the iPhone announcement our phone began to ring."

“iPhone itself is going to drive specification in terms of capacitive touchscreens.”

Philipp did say that some iPods use touch sensors from Synaptics that do not infringe of Quantum's patents.