More photos have turned up on the web of a device that is claiming to be the next “real video” iPod.

The images are the best we've seen here at Pocket-lint so far and were originally sent to website MacShrine, but due to what appears bandwidth restrictions, the site isn't accessible at the moment.

However that wasn't before MacRumours manageds to get copies and put them up online in its gallery -


As with previous fakes that have shown up in the last couple of weeks the images show a 4-inch iPod made up completely of a single screen with touch controls.

The three images are shown with the new Apple Hi-Fi Speaker system, with one image showing the device playing a movie, on image being held so you get a better idea of the size and the final image showing the screen looking like a regular 5th generation iPod but displayed on the screen.

While most Apple fakes we see have that heavy photoshop look, these images seem to be very real, and the photographer has even included an iPod nano in one of the pictures. If this is a fake then it is very good.

We will keep you posted.