Apple has secretly started including a case with its iPod nano MP3 player following complaints from customers that the screen scratches too easily.

Although images on the web have started appearing showing the new case bundled in the box Apple has yet to confirm the move.

The new sleeve is virtually identical to the slim-line case current shipped with the new iPod capable of playing video.

The problem with the scratching screen is thought to be from users slipping the thin player in jean pockets with keys and coins in them - something that wasn't really possible with the original iPod.

With legal action currently being brought against Apple, the move is seen by some commentators as an attempt by the computer company to head off and trouble before it starts with any outcome that may follow any hearing.

Here at Pocket-lint we think it's a great idea following our own experience with the highly scratchable screen when we had a model in the Pocket-lint office to test.

Pocket-lint contacted Apple for a comment on Thursday, but as yet has not received an answer regarding the move to include a case.

We will keep you posted.