Apple has gone through yet another large global event without an announcement of a video iPod.

Instead the company chose the day to update iTunes to iTunes 5, launch the Motorola iTunes phone the Motorola ROKR, update the iPod mini range with the iPod Nano and even have time to add Madonna and Harry Potter to the iTunes catalogue.

iTunes 5 adds a new Search Bar that helps users find exactly what they are looking for within the catalog of two million songs, 15,000 Podcasts and 10,000 audiobooks on the iTunes Music Store, plus everything in their own iTunes music library. iTunes and the iTunes Music Store have a new refined look, as well as parental controls allowing parents to determine which music and Podcasts their children can access on the iTunes Music Store.

Users can now do even more with playlists, including the ability to organize them into folders and have greater control over random playback with the new Smart Shuffle feature.

Windows iPod users can now use iTunes to automatically sync calendars with Outlook or contacts with Outlook or Outlook Express.