According to Mac rumour website ThinkSecret, Apple is due to announce a new range of Apple iPod mini's that will feature a colour screen and a larger 5Gb drive.

The rumour, which the site is sure will be confirmed within the next two weeks would once again bring the iPod mini's back on a level playing field with other players on the market from Creative and Rio.

The website is also touting that by the end of the year all iPod's, apart from the shuffle of course, will feature a colour display as the company tries to distance itself from a monochrome image.

According to the site “Highly reliable sources have confirmed that the next iPod mini will gain a full-color active-matrix TFT screen while the form factor will remain largely unchanged.”

The new screen will be about the same size as the current iPod mini display and will sport a 176x132 resolution.

We will keep you posted.