An American company has launched and interesting case to protect your Apple iPod. It seems that while Dell are happy to offer its American customers a $99 (approximately £60) trade in and Sony today have released its challenge to the iPod, Retropod has taken a different tack.

The Retropod case is made from a vintage Sony Sports Walkman. The guts of the cassette player are removed from the Walkman, leaving an impact-resistant plastic shell. A stereo jack is then wired into the shell, and the case is then lined with thick foam. A precisely-measured neoprene gasket holds your iPod in place.
Don't expect to be able to control your iPod though the case though - this is purely for looks rather than functionality. Alternatively if you're lucky to already own a Sony Sports Walkman you can buy a Do it yourself kit from Retropod for $20 (approximately £12).