Apple has announced that the iPod firmware is being updated to 2.1. While this wouldn't normally be that exciting, it does open up a wrath of new possibilities that apple had already programmed into the device.

new services include the ability to record voice files by attaching a microphone and the ability to store pictures.

Apple also announced the popular iTunes music download service would be coming to the Windows platform.

Legal music download services are the latest cash cow to be hitting the web with microsoft, AOL, and other service provider all jumping in on the bandwagon.

When we have more information we will post an update

Details from apple on the new features:
Auto-Sync your iPod with Mac and Windows
With iTunes 4, autosyncing the iPod with a Windows PC is as easy as it is on a Macintosh. You can move whole digital albums from your computer to your iPod in seconds flat. With the industry's only true Auto-Sync, your iPod portable digital music player is always up-to-date, mirroring the latest changes you've made in iTunes, while On-The-Go playlists made on your iPod appear in iTunes when you sync your iPod with your computer.

Voice recorder
Record voice notes on your iPod with the Belkin Voice Recorder. You can digitally record these memos, meetings, interviews or foreign language practice sessions and store them on your iPod, which stamps them with the date and time for your convenience. Play them back on iPod, or save to your computer for playback or email.

Picture perfect
Save a bundle on memory cards the next time you take your digital camera with you on holiday. When your card is full, simply transfer the images to your iPod via the handy Belkin Media Reader. The 40GB iPod holds 20,000 images (the equivalent of 160 256MB memory cards), the 20GB iPod holds 10,000 (80 cards) and the 10GB model holds 5,000 (40 cards).