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(Pocket-lint) - One of the features missing from Apple's recently-released AirTag tracking devices was any form of alert when it was separated from the owner.

Such separation alerts are designed to warn the owner when they leave somewhere and have left something behind. Rather than discovering that you've lost something and then searching for it through the Find My network, instead you'll get a notification telling you you've left it behind.

It's a feature that Tile also offers as part of its paid-for subscription and it's designed to make sure you don't walk off and leave your keys in that bar you just visited.

Apple announced the inclusion of this new feature at WWDC 2021, highlighting it initially as a new way of keeping track of your AirPods.

However, the separation alert will work for any device you have on the Find My network - so if you walk off and leave your AirPods behind, you'll get a notification so you can go back and pick them up again.

As this works with all Find My accessories, as more third-party devices get involved with the Apple tracking service it will become more useful.

Apple AirTag will be getting more updates in the future, designed to reduce the chances that it's being used to track a person rather than track a lost object.

Apple recently announced that alerts for an unidentified AirTag that appears to be travelling with you. It will now chirp to make you aware of it after 8 hours, meaning you're more likely to discover if someone has slipped one into your bag.

Apple has also confirmed that it's going to be launching an app for Android devices, so Android users can also see if they are being stalked by an unwanted AirTag.

Writing by Chris Hall.