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(Pocket-lint) - Some of the images of the incoming Apple AirTags have made them look quite chunky, but it seems they'll actually be pretty compact. 

Leaker Max Weinbach says they'll be 32mm in diameter and 6mm. thick. That's just a little larger than a US half-dollar coin or a UK £2 coin. 

It'll make the Apple tracker slightly smaller than the Tile Mate tracker that's 35mm square. Although we thought the trackers would appear at one of Apple's late 2020 events, they didn't and we now think they'll be released in the next month or so.


Indeed, it may well have been that they were delayed on purpose to ensure they were completely ready. It may also have been that they were a victim of supply chain issues in the light of the current global situation. 

We've even seen accessories on sale for them. 

Weinbach also says the trackers will use Apple's Find My feature - which we pretty much knew already - and will track using Apple's UDID which means Unique Device ID and essentially is a unique code for each device.

Apple uses UDIDs to identify your device and connect it to your Apple ID but UDIDs have also long been used for testing pre-release apps but after having been originally used by app developers in other ways, they're no longer used for this due to privacy concerns. 

Writing by Dan Grabham. Originally published on 26 March 2021.