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(Pocket-lint) - Will there be an Apple Event on the 16 March? That's the latest rumour - and it's a plausible one.

We're expecting the AirTags trackers to launch soon, after what seems like a delay to their original likely launch date of last September-October.

We also believe that there could well be a revised iPad Pro featuring Apple's latest A14 platform (which the iPad Air and iPhone 12 series have). The iPad Pro tops out Apple's iPad range, of course, but the iPad Air runs it very close so Apple will want to open that gap up again. 

Rumours also peg the event as being the time that the MacBook Pro will be revised, but we're not too sure about this - we are, however, expecting a comprehensive re-jig of the Mac lineup at some point this year with new M1X-powered MacBook Pros (the 13-inch is already available with the Apple M1 platform, of course) and the iMac.

We also believe there may be a completely new lightweight Mac to sit under the MacBook Air. 

Any change to the lineup of the iMac Pro and Mac Pro is likely to come either later in the year or, more likely, in 2022. 

Writing by Dan Grabham. Originally published on 19 February 2021.