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(Pocket-lint) - The discovery of a hidden 'Items' tab in Apple's Find My app may have given us our clearest indication yet that the object tracking AirTags are finally close to launching. 

As uncovered by Twitter user David Chu the 'Items' menu in the app - first spotted by MacRumors back in September - can be seen on Safari through an iOS device by typing in the link 'findmy://items', providing it is running on iOS 14.3/iPadOS 14.3 or later. 

Once entered, users are then prompted to follow the screens towards the previously hidden tab. Mac users running at least macOS 11.1 can also unlock this using the same URL, though will be redirected slightly differently to the app from Safari.

Twitter/David ChuApple's Find My app gives us our biggest clue yet that AirTags are landing soon photo 2

As with other object trackers, the AirTags are expected to help owners keep track of personal belongings, such as keys, bags, wallets and purses. When an item connected with an AirTags device is separated from the user, they will reportedly receive a notification, with the trackers also rumoured to feature an Ultra-Wideband chip to ensure greater location accuracy.

While this leak doesn't explicitly give a mention to AirTags, it's difficult to see what else the screens could allude to, unless the 'Items' tab will exclusively be used for third-party devices, which Apple first announced back at WWDC 2020.

Given everything we know so far, AirTags appear highly likely to launch at some point at 2021 - perhaps sooner rather than later, if the recent number of leaks is anything to go by.

Apple typically holds an event around March, so we could see the tracking tags first appear officially then, but, until we know more, spare a thought for the Apple app engineer being shouted at for allowing this one to slip the net.

Writing by Conor Allison. Originally published on 14 January 2021.