(Pocket-lint) - More credible information has surfaced on Apple's Tile-like devices, thought to be called Apple Tags or AirTags. According to Mac Otakara, these upcoming trackers will be "completely waterproof", and they will feature magnetic wireless charging technology similar to the Apple Watch.

Mac Otakara is a Japan-based new site with deep connections to the Asian supply chain and accessory manufacturers, although it also shares information gleaned from other sites. Nevertheless, it's largely accurate and is considered a prolific Apple watcher and trusted source on rumours.

For over a year now, reports have claimed Apple is developing trackers that people could use to locate lost or stole items. The devices are thought to integrate with the Find My app. They're expected to look like circular discs and should feature the same ultra-wideband tech as Apple’s latest iPhone 11 range. They might even use Offline Finding capabilities introduced in iOS 13.

From what we can tell, all signs point to AirTags (or whatever they're called) being able to offer a precise location of an item, right down to its position in a room. The main questions left right now, besides their names, is when they'll launch and how much they'll cost. 

Apple is rumoured to be holding an event toward the end of March, but analysts think Apple will more likely launch them alongside the next iPhone.

Writing by Maggie Tillman.