(Pocket-lint) - Apple for months has been rumoured to be working on Tile-like trackers you can attach to items. The latest word on these upcoming devices is that they won't be called Apple Tag, as previously expected, but rather AirTag.

9to5Mac spotted AirTag mentioned in the new iOS 13.2 update that released on 28 October, indicating the item trackers may appear soon. The Tags, or whatever they're called, were first spotted in early iOS 13 beta code, and early rumours suggested Apple would introduce them during the iPhone 11 event in September. That never happened, of course, perplexing Apple watchers far and wide.

Now, with this latest hint in iOS 13.2, one can't help but wonder if Apple is getting ready to unveil AirTag. The company unexpectedly announced the AirPods Pro shortly before releasing iOS 13.2, perhaps the AirTags will also be announced via press release shortly. If not, then Apple could hold an event this spring, as it sometimes does, to announce hardware.

AirTags are though to attach to belongings in some way, whether that be a purse or keys or stuffed animal. They pair to your iCloud account by proximity to an iPhone - just like AirPods. The idea is, reportedly, you can receive a notification when your iPhone gets too far away from the Tag. So, if Tag is attached to your keys and you walk away from them, you will receive an alert on your phone. They are thought to work in the same way as Tile's Bluetooth trackers.

Writing by Maggie Tillman.