(Pocket-lint) - Tile has announced that it will work with Google Assistant in the future, meaning that there's going to be another route to finding your lost devices.

Tile makes the original Bluetooth tracker, providing a way to locate your items thanks to a huge network of Tile users. With a tag on your lost keys, for example, your keys might be found when they are detected by another Tile user through Tile's network.

Adding Google to the mix provides another access point to this system, making it possible to say to your Google Home "find my keys" to trigger the tag's alarm so you can locate them. Google isn't the first on the scene - Tile already works with Alexa, meaning you can find things from your Echo devices too.

It's not just the Tile Bluetooth tags that this works with. Your phone is a Tile device for starters (so you can find your phone using Tile), but Tile is incorporating its technology into a range of other devices too - the new Sennheiser Momentum headphones being a good example.

Partnering with Google could have added significance however. Unlike Amazon's Alexa, Google Assistant natively runs on millions of Android phones and a closer relationship with those devices can play a huge part in fending off the threat that Apple's new Tag system might pose. 

It's rumoured that Apple is going to launch its own Bluetooth Tag, working within the Find My section of your phone to let you locate devices. It's the first real challenge the Tile's market dominance in the Bluetooth tag segment and a natural rival to Apple's ecosystem is, you guessed it, Google.

Although Apple's system is still unconfirmed, we can't help feeling that the announcement of Tile and Google's collaboration isn't accidental. 

While it might simply be integration as a service in to Google Assistant right now, it's not a huge stretch of the imagination to see a future where all Android phones can locate Tile devices to form a super network for Bluetooth device detection - and one way to hold back Apple's threat in this segment. While this is pure speculation on our part right now, it certainly seems that the Bluetooth tag market is getting a little more exciting.

Writing by Chris Hall.