(Pocket-lint) - Mattel is giving its Hot Wheels brand a modern digital update.

It is announcing a new racing set called Hot Wheels id. This multi-piece kit allows children (or adults) to race new NFC-enabled Hot Wheels on a Smart Track ($179.99). The set includes a Hot Wheels Race Portal ($39.99) component that connects to classic Hot Wheels tracks, too, and can scans Hot Wheels id vehicles to measure speed and laps via infrared sensors.

As for the entire Smart Track set, it features a 16-piece Smart Track, plus the Race Portal and two exclusive id cars. Each part can be bought separately at Apple Stores, but the Race Portal (which, again, can be used with standard Hot Wheels tracks) includes two new id cars, as well. 

Mattel said it will release 51 die-cast Hot Wheels id cars with NFC tags as part of six collections in 2019. Launch vehicles include the Corvette C7R, SRT Viper GTS-R, 2016 Mercedes AMG GT, Aston Martin One-77, Howlin Heat, Motosaurus, Shark Hammer 2.0, and Arachnorod. 

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The idea is that kids will now be able to scan their Hot Wheels collections into a new Hot Wheeld id app, to virtually stores all their vehicles. Each new id car will cost $6.99, Mattel said, and can be leveled up in the app. The app also serves up challenges for children to break race records. 

The new set is available exclusively at Apple.com and Apple Stores. An Android version of the set's app is launching on Play Store from 10 July.

Writing by Maggie Tillman.