(Pocket-lint) - We really thought Apple was going to announce Tile-like trackers alongside its new Find My service at WWDC 2019.

Before the conference, several reports and rumours indicated Apple was going to merge Find My iPhone with Find My Friends and create a new Find My service that also works with a Bluetooth tracking tag it was developing. Well, as you know, Find My was introduced, but the trackers were a no-show. But it looks like Apple might be waiting to launch them - possibly even this autumn.

The iOS 13 developer beta reportedly references a device, called Apple Tag, which could be Apple's rumoured tracker, as noted by both Steve Moser and 9to5Mac. Moser first noticed iOS 13 contained code for pairing a Bluetooth device with hardware labelled “Tag1,1", but 9to5Mac also uncovered what appears to be a render of the device, seen below. Interesting, right?


The Apple Tag is supposed to work like Tile in that it will attach to your belongings, and by leveraging signals from nearby Apple devices, it'll be able to locate and track your item should it go missing or be stolen. It's unclear why Apple didn't announce Apple Tag during its WWDC keynote, but we're presuming it's waiting for Find My to officially launch with iOS 13 this autumn.

Every September, Apple launches new iPhone models and the next version of iOS. Perhaps it'll also launch Apple Tag at this year's show.

Writing by Maggie Tillman.