(Pocket-lint) - Apple's AirPower wireless charging mat is definitely still on the cards. We could even see it emerge from its two year hiatus soon, with a massive clue to be found on the side of the box of the new AirPods 2.

Released last week, the AirPods 2 headphones can now be bought with a wireless charging case and a sticker on the side of the box of that variant includes mention of Apple's elusive mat:

"Compatible with iOS device, Apple Watch, or Mac with the latest software. Works with AirPower mat and Qi-certified chargers," it clearly states.

It is repeated in French and German too.


This is surely an indication that the AirPower mat is imminent. A reference to it also recently appeared on Apple Australia's website, so surely its release is just around the corner. 

Considering it was first announced in 2017, was a bizarre absentee in 2018 during the launch of the latest iPhones, and not even mentioned in a week of multiple hardware launches that also included the new iPads, it certainly cannot come too soon.

Apple / Pocket-lint

Although, considering the amount of third-party alternatives that have sprung up in the meantime, we wonder if there's anyone left to buy one.

Writing by Rik Henderson.