(Pocket-lint) - For a moment there, we thought Apple's long-awaited AirPower wireless charger wasn't going to debut. But, now, a new leak has surfaced.

Two years ago, in 2017, Apple introduced the AirPower. But, since then, we haven’t heard much about it - save for reports about the charging mat overheating during testing, and thus causing production delays. After a prolonged silence from Apple on the device, Twitter user Michael Bateman spotted an image of the AirPower wireless charger on Apple’s Australian website.

The charger is supposed to charge the iPhone, AirPods, and Apple Watch all at the same time. This would’ve made it a must-have accessory for Apple users. The only problem is that, once the charger was unveiled, we hardly heard anything positive about its development until news went quiet all together. This led to speculation that Apple had quietly canceled the device.

But since it's been spotted on Apple’s Australian website, where it can be seen charging AirPods and an iPhone, complete with a wallpaper on the iPhone that was released with Apple’s latest iPhones, we can assume this isn't some old, recycled press image from 2017. The only conspicuous thing is that the Apple Watch isn’t being charged on the device. Was it simply left out?

Keep in mind the latest AirPods can be purchased with a wireless charging case that was originally announced with the AirPower wireless charger. Also, The Wall Street Journal claims Apple approved production of the the AirPower charger earlier this year. So, all signs point to Apple releasing the wireless charger. But when might we get an official announcement? We have so many questions.

The company's next event is slated for 25 March, but that's expected to reveal the company’s new TV streaming service. Still, the company could unveil something like the Apple AirPower wireless charger without a big marquee event. Apple might even be more likely to do so due to its long and troubled development history of the device. Check back soon for more. We'll keep you posted.

Writing by Maggie Tillman.