Apple wants its shareholders to know it still has innovative ambitions.

Most companies quietly work on future products with little detection, and Apple is no different. It's reportedly developing everything from a self-driving vehicle to augmented reality glasses. And now we know it's working on future products that will be mind blowing to people.

The company held its annual investor's meeting at its Apple Park campus in Cupertino on 1 March. During the event, Apple CEO Tim Cook revealed some new details about Apple's upcoming product roadmap. As noted by Bloomberg, Cook said that Apple is "rolling the dice" on some future products that will "blow you away". He later mentioned there's a "long, great roadmap" of "fantastic" products coming down the pike.

Although he didn't give any specific information about what to expect, Cook did mention that Apple's wants to reduce the price of the 2018 Retina MacBook Air, which currently starts at $1,200. Keep in mind rumours also suggest Apple might release a new version of AirPods soon with wireless charging and "Hey Siri" capabilities. It's also reportedly set to launch a TV service and news service sometime this year.

Apple might even launch its own pair of over-ear headphones in the near future, as well as a new iPod Touch, according to previous reporting.

Other topics were covered during Apple's meeting - even verging into politics. For instance, shareholders rejected a proposal that would've let board nominees disclose their ideology in order to show the board's ranging political opinions. Cook also suggested Apple will continue to rally support for regulation of its rivals, like Facebook and Google, which assemble data profiles of their users.