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(Pocket-lint) - The first Steve Jobs biopic movie starring Ashton Kutcher only came out in 2013 and already another attempt is being made. After the first was met without a lot of love, surely this movie has to be a hit? The first trailer is here and it looks promising.

The new Steve Jobs movie, of the same name, is written but Aaron Sorkin who wrote The Social Network, directed by Danny Boyle of Slumdog Millionaire and Trainspotting fame, and stars Michael Fassbender who we now always think of as Magneto from the new X-Men movies. So no excuses for a bad film then.

The trailer clearly focuses on Jobs as the face of Apple, showing his preparations before walking on stage for a launch event. The audio talks of it being as important as the allies winning the war. You might think that's referring to the iPhone launch, but we were at that event which was in the Muscone Center, where this trailer is not set. Perhaps this is the iPod launch, a gadget that put Apple into the mobile mainstream.

The Steve Jobs film co-stars Seth Rogan as Jobs' right-hand man Steve Wozniak. Their relationship was under a lot of strain after, some would say, Jobs acted ruthlessly. Jobs' family have given the thumbs-up to the film so it'll be interesting to see how openly this side of his character is portrayed. The trailer shows Woz hanging his head in sadness which suggests this issue gets tackled.

The new Steve Jobs movie will be released on 13 November in the UK.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.