(Pocket-lint) - Apple has a tradition in Japan that on 2 January it holds what is termed a "Lucky Bag Sale" where customers can buy a random bag of Apple goodies and accessories for 36,000 yen (around £206).

There are four different bags in all, each with a different Apple device and the accessories to go with it. Some are perceivably better than others, but what exactly does Apple include for lucky Japanese fans?

Every bag contains a special-edition Incase City Collection Compact Backpack (worth around £75) and an exclusive Apple T-shirt. There's also a Mophie Juice Pack Powerstation (worth around £50) that's also specially modelled around the aesthetics of the Lucky Bag.

The first of the four bags comes with a 11-inch MacBook Air and accessories. Another comes with a Wi-Fi-only iPad Air. The third comes with a Wi-Fi-only iPad mini (non-Retina display model), while the last contains an iPod nano.

A host of extras are included, depending on the main Apple device, including Jaybirds BlueBuds X Bluetooth headphones (worth around £150), Logitech Ultimate Ears Mobile Boombox (worth around £80) and other add-ons. The iPad mini also comes with the Stem IZON app-controlled remote camera, for example, which is worth around £100.

The only question that now remains is when will Apple do the same in the UK or US? Sadly, the answer is probably "never".

Writing by Rik Henderson.