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(Pocket-lint) - New photos of Apple's Spaceship campus have surfaced, after it gained approval in Cupertino, California, last month. We've seen plenty of photos of the campus before, but the new ones n Cupertino’s municipal archive give the best glimpse of how work life will be inside the behemoth of a building.

For the first time, we not only see detailed people in the mock-ups, but also the space port-like entrance to the campus's underground parking lot, a cafeteria that extends into a grassy landscape, and the glass entrance to Apple's new underground auditorium that will be used for product launches.

"Campus 2" is a major undertaking, projected to cost roughly $5 billion across a site of 175 acres. The "spaceship" term for the campus was coined by Steve Jobs when the late Apple boss met city representatives in 2011, in his last public appearance before his death.

The site is bounded by Homestead Road, N. Wolfe Road, I-280 & N. Tantau Avenue and properties located on the east side of N. Tantau Avenue. In addition to office space, the new Apple campus will have a 1,000-seat auditorium for events, 300,000sq ft (28,000sq m) of research and development facilities, a fitness centre and and orchard.

A dedicated generating plant, powered by natural gas and other forms of energy described as more environmentally sound, will provide the primary source of electricity.

At the 2011 meeting with Cupertino officials Jobs said of the building: "It's got a gorgeous courtyard in the middle, and a lot more. It's a circle, so it's curved all the way round. This is not the cheapest way to build something."

The new renderings capture how beautiful the new campus will be. Check out the gallery, unearthed by Wired, for the detailed mock-ups as we await the real deal in 2015 or 2016.

Writing by Jake Smith. Originally published on 11 November 2013.