(Pocket-lint) - The star of Apple's September show were the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C, but afterwards, we were left to rummage through the Apple Store for new bits. This year, Apple has chosen to begin accessorising its iPhones once again, offering new docks and cases for the new phones. 

The docks for the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C will be available for $29 (£18). They're reminiscent of the docks Apple made available in older versions of the iPhone - not getting too technical. Both docks connect to your computer for syncing and charging, or to your wall socket for just charging. 

The case for the iPhone 5S (and iPhone 5) will cost $39 and will be available on 20 September - when the new iPhone ships. It has a leather exterior, crafted to cover the volume button, the on/off switch, and the iPhone 5S' "chamfered edge." Apple will make the cases available in brown, beige, black, yellow, blue, and (product) red colour options.

The cheaper iPhone 5C will be graced with a silicone case by Apple, instead of leather. For $29, the case comes in blue, black, white, red, yellow, and green. A microfiber lining is found inside, with holes to show the colour of your iPhone 5C found underneath the case. "The result is a case that feels like part of the phone, not just something designed around it," Apple markets.

Lastly, Apple has introduced a 2-meter Lightning to USB cable for $29. All of the accessories will be available online and in-store beginning 20 September.

Writing by Jake Smith.