Apple has launched a new 16GB version of the updated iPod Touch. Minus a rear-facing camera but boasting a tasty 4-inch Retina display, the new iPod Touch differs slightly from the rest of the recently launched fifth-generation iPod Touch devices.

It lacks the loop on top for attaching Apple's own lanyard, for a start, and will also ship only in black and white rather than a wide range of colours. The special 16GB model also boasts a lowered price tag and can be picked up for just £199. Those who want the 32GB version with the iSight camera and loop will have to pay £249.

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The new version of the iPod Touch replaces the 16GB variant that Apple was selling. There are now no more fourth-generation iPod Touch devices on sale from the Apple store. This new 16GB option still includes a powerful dual-core A5 chip and Apple's redesigned EarPods.

At £199 it makes a compelling little MP3 player and should also provide decent competition when up against a lot of handheld gaming consoles. For those interested in picking one up, they are ready to ship right now and can be found on the Apple store website