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(Pocket-lint) - Apple has unveiled a new iPod nano at its San Francisco press event, alongside the iPhone 5. And from the look of it, the company has ditched the small square form factor for something that looks more, well, Samsung-esque.

The main reason for the design change is that it now sports a widescreen 2.5-inch multi-touch display. It is only 5.4mm thick, 38 per cent thinner than its predecessor, and now has a Home Button, like the iPhone and iPod touch.

There are other controls for volume up and down along the side, while it also adopts the new "Lightening" dock connector as revealed during the iPhone 5 announcement.

apple launches 7th gen ipod nano looks like a samsung image 3

A FM tuner is included, with a live pause function to allow you to stop the live feed for a moment, and video is now supported again by the screen (the square nano couldn't play video footage).

A pedometer is built into the new iPod nano, for Nike+ and other fitness applications, and Apple has added Bluetooth connectivity for compatible headsets and the like.

It comes in seven colours, has 16GB of internal storage and we suspect that it'll be a big hit this Christmas. However, you won't be able to wear it as a watch, like the last version, which is a shame.

The new iPod nano will cost $149 in the US, £129 in the UK and be available from October.

Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published on 16 April 2013.