(Pocket-lint) - Home working's all the trend these days; why labour away on the bus or tube, having to tuck your left cheek into a rotund fellow's honking armpit while being stabbed in the back with a golf umbrella, when you can sit around in your pants all day listening to Spotify and writing copy such as, "Home working's all the trend these days..."?

Nope, it's far better to travel into another room or, if you're completely adventurous (or foolhardy, considering the temperature in the UK at the moment), to the end of the garden. And, if you've got a spare £10 grand, you can even get a better set-up than most in-town offices.

Micro Pod, by British firm Pod Space is much more than a garden shed, it's a fully-fledged garden studio that, because of its classification, allows you to add a workspace onto your property without planning permission.

At 2.5 x 2m, it's compact and bijou, yet has more than enough room for a decent workstation, chair and, er, that's about it. However, it's still bigger than the first studio flat we were shown when we moved to Manchester briefly in 1999.

It walls can be finished with white beech panels, but your cash doesn't all go on the materials. Under the floor, you see, is low energy Scandinavian heating, while a desk, shelving, ceiling light and self-cleaning windows can all be added at additional cost.

The basic price of the Micro Pod is £10,890 (not including VAT), and more information can be found at www.pod-space.co.uk. There are also bigger garden studios available, ranging up to the four person Eco Pod for £33,950.

We guess it's the shed and knackered electric bar heater for us then.

Do you work from home? What's your home office comprised of? Let us know in the comments below...

Writing by Rik Henderson.