Those of you Mac users who long for a numpad of your prized machine, can now have the best of both world's thanks to a nifty little add-on called the Mobee Magic Numpad.

An app needs to be downloaded, before placing the Numpad film onto your Apple Magic Trackpad; transforming it into a monstrous trackpad-come-numpad mutation. Well, to be fair, it's not really that monstrous - it could, in fact, be very useful.

This usefulness comes in the form of three custom layouts, and an exclusive three-layer technology, which has bubble-proof re-usable material for the bottom layer, an ultra-soft antiglare material for the top and high-quality printing in the middle for full protection.

mobee magic numpad gives apple trackpad a numerical edge image 2

There's also the option of the calculator mode, allowing the Magic Numpad to display a calculator on your screen to allow simple calculations without typing formulas into Excel.

They should ship in October, and pricing will be around €29.90.