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(Pocket-lint) - How bored are you about reading about phantom white Apple goods? If very, apologies as you're about to become even more vexed.

After the long and never ending saga of the white iPhone 4 - we're now in for months of new white iDevice rumour milling, as some supposed shots of a white iPod touch have turned up.

It's not clear if the white iPod touch pictured is a discontinued 4th gen device that never saw the light of the Apple Store, or a new shade for a 5th generation iPod touch.

Clues hint at the latter however, with analyst Ming-Chi Kuo (previously accurate with his iPad 2 specs) stating that the next iPod touch model will be a white model, similarly shaped to the last but with improved specs inside - such as an A5 chip.

As Apple finally provided a white iPhone 4 as well as launching the iPad 2 in the paler form as well, it seems to have finally cracked the colour that caused it so much bother in the past.

iPod launches usually take place in September, but with the traditional iPhone launch being bumped from June - it's not clear when a new model might launch.

We'd guess at September still though, Apple won't want to miss out on the Christmas shoppers.

Writing by Paul Lamkin.